Friday, May 29, 2015

All in One – Big Bundle for Creatives Super Deal

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Head over to today and get their All in One Super Bundle with unique resources from authors of Creative Market. Get 26 Items and Bundles from 8 different Authors, Font, Logos, Labels, Badges, Graphics, Add Ons and more. This deal last for the next 15 days and run $ 29.


Caferus Font

Caferus is inspired and designed for restaurants and Coffee Shops who use vintage concept, for lettering, logo, posters, t-shirt, etc.
Caferus also gives you an easier usage with layouts because you'll have all the fonts on OTF version:

Caferus Layer Family
Caferus Normal (Sans-serif Bold)
Caferus Slim Regular (Sans-serif Light)
Caferus Regular (Serif)
Caferus Ornament Regular ( OTF & Vector eps CS3 )


Heartwell Font

Heartwell Typefaces is a modern calligraphy brush typeface. Inspired by the modern calligraphy lettering trying the style of the brush & ink. Fat and thin stroke to create harmony.

With the Font you will also have a beautiful set of ornament on EPS.



Retro Industrial Logos Volume 1

Includes eight handmade logos that would be perfect for websites, business cards, clothing, posters, and so much more. The following items are included in this set:



Head over to HeyBundle to see all the other great resources in this Bundle.


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