Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Desktop Wallpaper: Space Frames

A Blue Perspective:  <p> » /></a>  <p> I’m a big fan of a black desktop. It’s easy on the eyes and icons are highly visible. But you have to have a dash of colour to add personality, so it’s a fine balance between style and stark. </p>  <p> A few years ago, when I was heavily into <a href=Processing I wrote a program that dynamically generated spacey looking spectrum wallpapers, with the aim of offering it to the public so that 6 billion people could each have their own unique desktop wallpaper. Didn’t work out. (But I used one of its outputs as my own wallpaper for the last 4 years).

A bout of recent procrastination made me realise that I hadn’t changed my wallpaper in far too long and this time instead of breaking open some code I headed to Illustrator to make some jaunty little geometrics.

Now, I’ve got a new wallpaper and you can have one too! I’m calling it Space Frames and you can download it by clicking on the image below. Bon appetit!

Space Frames wallpaper

The Man in Blue

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