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SEMRUSH Review Doing Keyword Research the right way

Hi Guys and Girls and welcome to the SEO tricks and tips people would charge you for. Here I will give you all the juicy details on how to do SEO and it’s all for free… You’re more than welcome! hehe

First and Foremost to gain any significant amount of traffic or in order to start any SEO project the first step is Keyword Research. And here is the best tool for the job and most underrated too: SEMRush (Click here to have a look). Whatever the niche or business as a whole your website may be in it is crucial that we know what keywords exactly we should be targeting and that starts with Keyword Research. We just can’t go in Blind. If we do we run the risk of trying to rank for keywords that have no searches at all.

So it is also public knowledge that people have been using Google Adwords Keyword tool for Keyword Research for a long time now. And it does work but Google doesn’t give you the complete picture and with SEO the beauty is you can always get the perfect picture. There is a tool for pretty much everything and the tool for Keyword Research isnt the Adwords tool anymore unfortunately but SEMRUSH. Let me show you why:

Let’s say we wanted to set up a site to promote Steam Irons. It is pretty niche, good search volume, there is quite some money to be paid as an affiliate and not a lot of competition. Just pure perfect sweetness of a nectar niche!

So going on the Adword Keyword Tool we would input the keyword relating to our niche:

Steam Irons, Best Steam Irons and Steam Iron Reviews,  select United Kingdom for our target country or you could select whichever country you prefer and this what comes up:


Next when we delve into the stats more we start to see some flaws, keywords that appear that shouldn’t and most importantly keywords that DON’T APPEAR, that I spotted in just few seconds of sieving through so you can believe that there are many more that are not appearing.



Now I am not saying do not use the Adwords Keyword Tool but I’m saying use it as a secondary step or as a backup and integrate it with SEMRush because with the combined use of these two you will fill in the gaps and get all of the relevant keywords within the niche.

Before using the SEMRush tool you need to find a competitor within your niche and just as you searched for steam irons, best steam irons and steam iron reviews you need to do the same in Google and see if you can spot a site that is solely focused on your niche and that shows up for all three or two or in at least one of the keywords. You will definitely be able to spot one but you could always change the terms up a little to find the ones that show up on various occasions, for example by searching for top steam irons or best steam irons 2015, etc. The more appearances the better, if you can’t find a site that is really dedicated solely to your niche.

So because I am targeting the UK I will go to and input the terms mentioned above and within seconds I have spotted a site that appears for pretty much all my terms. Boom found him and it is a gem for our keyword research and the foundation to our SEO research.

So by inputting the domain we just found in the SEMRush tool we can see already a snapshot of how much traffic they get from SEO (Organic Search Traffic),  just over 4k visitors for February and a few terms that are driving traffic to the site. It is these terms that we want to investigate more in detail so click on Organic Keywords.


Once clicked we get a much better picture of all the terms and even how many top 10 rankings and Top 1 ranks they have. We can even sort by the terms that are giving the the most traffic or the terms that have the most search volume.

For example the term steam generator iron reviews is bringing the site around 15% of their search traffic which is around 500 visitors. And the term that has the most search volume that they currently receive traffic from is steam generator iron which has around 10000 searches every month. Because they rank at 18th for this term that is something that they could improve on but again that is not our concern right now.


So looking at the terms a little more we can see that the term philips azur iron which has 1300 searches a month didn’t even appear on the Adwords Keyword Tool yet our competitor has found the term and developed content for it and is actually gaining traffic from it.

Now with all these keywords that are bringing our competitor UKSTEAMIRONS traffic are the terms we need to be looking to target and will become the subject of the pages that we need to create.

So posts that we would need to start writing would be titled:

steam generator iron

bosch steam generator iron

tefal steam generator iron reviews , etc.

And you can repeat the experiment with more competitors. Remember there is a tool for everything for your SEO needs and SEMRush is the best tool to spy on your competitors in order to see what terms are driving them traffic and the most important tool to do your Keyword Research.  Click here to see SEMRush in action. It is bloody awesome and my favourite tool so far!!!

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