Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to make money while on holiday

You are tired, the past few months of work have really drained every bit of energy from you and now all you can think about is that three day holiday to London or Brighton or Paris, whichever tickles your fancy. The hotel is booked, the car is jampacked with all the bags and you already have all the best restaurants and bars in the city sized up. You surprise your partner with your fantastic plan that you have been keeping a secret for the past three months and boom you are finally on the road. Now what if I told you instead of just spending money on that holiday, on the fuel, hotel, food and drink, you could actually return from the three day break to paradise with more money than you spent or at the very least break even.

Don't believe me well let's see exactly how:

If you are going away for three days you are not going to need your parking space are you? With JustPark you can rent out your parking space for the specified days and make around 15 or 20  pounds depending on the city you live in.

Now when you leave you are not going to need your room or home, are you? With Airbnb you can rent out your room or home for the specified days and get around 75 to 100 pounds depending on the city you live in.

So far so good, you have already made some money from two possessions of yours you clearly weren't going to use. Now on your way from let's say Milton Keynes to London, with Uber (provided you are already registered as a Uber Driver) you could pick someone up on your way and make enough money to pay for your fuel, congestion charge and more.  You were already driving there anyways so what is the problem with an added guest in your car as long as his hygienic levels are up to scratch and he doesn't suffer from involuntary flatulence.

On your way from Milton Keynes to London, everything is going splendidly, you have already been payed for your parking space, your room, an added guest to join you on your journey and now with Roadie you could possibly find a couple of small yet heavy parcels that need delivering into London and you could get paid handsomely, just to put these parcels in the boot of your car and deliver it somewhere along your route.

So in total you have been paid for two possessions you weren't going to use and for picking up someone and something to join you on the same route you were already going to follow. Can't get much sweeter then that can it? Well it can! As an added final bonus, let's say you or your partner like sharing a ton of pictures or videos or social updates whilst on you holiday instead of using FaceBook or Twitter or any of the other pin-gram's out there, if you use Tsu (use http://www.tsu.co/airesao to join) you can actually make money.  Yes you read that correctly, you can get paid to share stuff on your social media profile. Tsu shares 90% of all revenue with its users.

The world has changed dramatically in these past five years and the opportunities for the general population to earn money from areas previously unexplored have exploded.  Therefore next time you go on holiday be sure to use these 5 websites or apps to help you come back with a smile on your face and a little extra in your pocket.

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